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Marielle A. Bourgeois
Santa Barbara
Ca. 93110, USA,

tel. 805 683 7768

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Are you interested in finding your ancestors or long lost cousins who carry the same blood line you do, irrespective of when and where they lived in the world?

Do you need guidance to find your ancestors, your family members, your cousins? I have helped many people searching and finding their ancestors around the world. I found over 300 original family documents for a single client. When a family surname had been changed, I found the ancestor's original name. When two people had the same name, living at about the same time in the same geographic area, I traced the "right" ancestor. Many of my clients met their relatives and saw in them common physical traits and some created new friendships.

I am a Canadian, born in Montréal, a graduate of universities in Canada and USA and I have lived in different European cities. I am a published bilingual writer, genealogist, lecturer and researcher presently living in California. I give conferences in English and in French on topics of history and genealogy, in the USA, Canada and Europe. I spoke on three topics of history and genealogy at the International Genealogy Conference held in Paris. I specialized in European (Western and Eastern), Canadian and USA genealogy and history research for 30 years and was trained by my cousin, Father Georges-Henri Cournoyer, a priest, genealogist and researcher in Genetics working for the Québec Government Health Department.

I have Acadian, Canadian, Germanic and French heritages. Certain of my ancestors were Catholics, others Protestants. Some of my ancestors' first names and surnames got transformed over time, as is often the case with non-English names. I help numerous searchers from the New England and other areas with the transformed names phenomenon. As a researcher and writer, my articles have been published in various magazines - Heritage Quest Magazine, Everton's Family History Magazine; the American-Canadian Genealogist, Family Tree Magazine; Acadian Genealogy Exchange; History Magazine; Je Me Souviens; L'Ancêtre; Les Mémoires; Le Bourgeois and on Internet sites like Global Gazette. I have won writer's contests.

The magazine l’Ancêtre of Québec chose one of my articles as the best study (meilleure étude). After completing the reading of this page and sending your genealogy search information, I suggest you go to Testimonials1 where fifteen of my clients wrote their opinions of my work.

If you would like to start your genealogy search, may I suggest that you send me what you know about your ancestors, their names, actual or approximate date(s) and place(s) where they were born, married and died, more than one generation if possible and I will respond to you with an estimate of cost to trace your genealogy family line(s) wherever they lived. Just click the link below to send me the information at:


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